a little about me

Hey cool people. My name is madison taylor king. I love my beautiful state, my friends & family, and so much more. I’m outgoing and social, a lover of tea, a rock climber, advocate for second-hand clothing, and lover of God. As a being fueled my motivational books/videos, I function (mostly) as a “glass half full” type of person whose one and only goal in this wonderful wonderful world is to share some of this endless love that I have to offer.

This blog, however, is also about honesty. This means that there are moments in which I struggle to maintain a positive attitude. I have always struggled greatly with overactive empathy, a trait which I now understand to be the source of almost all of my most difficult emotional challenges. Maybe this blog, however, will connect with you in a meaningful way, offering a bit of compassion & understanding in an online space where I could find none.

So there’s a little snippet, more to come.

love, maddie